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When my children were toddlers, I was driving a 1988 Dodge Aries that had one tire in the auto grave. I desperately needed a better vehicle. My credit was just as bad as the Dodge Aries I owned. I applied for auto loans at several used car lots; only to be denied. With the last little bit of hope I had left, I stopped in at Hatcher's Auto Sales. I explained my situation, that I had been denied several times already, that I couldn't get a co-signer, so I had to get financed on my own. Eddie had me fill out a credit app and assured me that he would get me financed and in the process, help me rebuild my credit. Much to my surprise and deepest gratitude, he called me and told me I had been approved with a doable down payment and affordable monthly payment! I drove away that day in a great car that was safer and more reliable for me and my children! A few years later, when I was ready to upgrade to an even better car, I made a beeline straight back to Hatcher's Auto Sales; where I drove away in a fabulous SUV at an even better interest rate and payment! Thanks Eddie!
Rebecca, a grateful single mom.


I want to thank Eddie and Barry for being so kind to me and helping me in my time of need. I had a very rough day and finally after a long day of looking for cars with a family member, we decided to call it a day. Well that was not to be the end of it for me. I went to one last place and there it was, my new car, now if I could only get financed. I remember asking Eddie, how their process worked and the requirements. There is not a typical situation, so it all depended on the buyer and seller, he explained. We went inside, I gave him my info and explained my situation and then I just knew it was over when Barry came in, but I was wrong. Needless to say I drove off in my new to me 2007 Ford Fusion. I am glad to say that I am pleased to be one of their customers as, they are great people and do their customers right!


I now have my second vehicle that I purchased from Hatcher's. I traded in my 2000 Grand Prix a couple years ago for the 08 Grand Prix that I have now. They gave me a better than fair trade in allowance and worked with me on improving on the terms that the bank was asking for until we were more comfortable with the duration and payments. A lot has happened since I bought this car. I lost my job. I was on unemployment for a while and now I am back to work but making considerably less money than before. I didn't always have the money to make my car payment but I always called them and let them know what I could do. They have worked with me every single time. Things are getting better now but I still know all I have to do is give them a call. They are just like the rest of us, they have had hard times and know what it is like to not know what you are going to do month after month. Barry and Eddie do not meet any of the stereotypes for Used Car Salesmen and I will ONLY buy vehicles from Hatcher's Auto Sales.

Ed & Tanya Rivera

Just moved here, not knowing anyone or having the network to know ''where to go'' when searching for a vehicle, Ahhh the internet: Found 1 - well they dont have it anymore, Found 2 -''our service tech is using''? SO many dead ends. Then a light appeared, ""HATCHER'S AUTO SALES"" The vehicle we wanted was there, and it was the exact price we wanted it for, not only that but we know we got a deal, after the first 10 minutes there we felt at home, knowing we were in good hands. No game here, you get exactly what you see plus the feeling of assurance that you aren't being pushed to buy the ''wrong'' automobile. We bought that auto and went back the next week for our second. Now we have two Great autos, more than fair priced, in great condition. We fully intend to always use Hatcher'ss from now on. Sending the kids are on their way next Eddie. Thank you, Ed & Tanya

Marvin & Sandy

Thanks so much for your help. We did not think that we could get a car on that day but it happened. Thanks so much. And thanks for the good deal that we got from you and your Dad. Again thanks so much Eddie.


Very helpful and easy to deal with. Eddie Hatcher went above and beyond to make the deal work. He came in on a Sunday and made it happen.

Jesse & Debbie Harp

Thank you Barry and Eddie for all you did for us. We appreciate your kindness and helpfulness to us. All of you treated us with the utmost respect and for that we thank you. Let Barry and Eddie help you at Hatcher's Auto sales. You won't be sorry.


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